Mozart: Symphony no. 35 – movement 1 of 4 – part 1

Mozart, about 1780. Detail of Mozart family po...

Mozart, about 1780. Detail of Mozart family portrait by Johann Nepomuk della Croce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first segment of our mutual study of orchestration should be about Mozart’s Symphony no. 35 which you can download the first movement of here:

Mozart Symphony No 35 1. Allegro con spirito

Please share your thoughts on how the score works and looks like on tablets and laptops

The symphony is in 4 movements – the rest to follow in a short while.

Meanwhile check out some recordings of the work. You can find several performances on YouTube, for example the Wiener Philharmoniker @

The first movement consists of his full orchestra with double winds, timpani and strings. Notice the numbers of the strings. They are the typical size that Mozart would have his works performed by.

I’ve spent the past year and a half on this symphony and other Mozart works, and I’ve found that Mozart was a master of light vs. heavy.

As you can see from the first 5 bars where the theme is stated. All woodwinds, viola, cello and basses play the theme as it is, but instead of having the violins do the same, he lets them play and octave below to add heaviness.

Add to that, they play both on the G-string and an open D-string – double the action! Bar 1 is by far the most heavily orchestrated bar of the opening.

Notice how he then shifts between light and heavy in these 5 bars and during the entire movement.

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