Mozart: Symphony 35–3. Menuetto pt.1

“The minuet and trio eventually became the standard third movement in the four-movement classicalsymphony

Wikipedia on Minuet

So it’s natural that we continue with the third movement of the Haffner Symphony – The Minuet. Be sure to check out the wiki-link for a quick brush-up on the minuet.

First of all: Download the score!

Second: Take a listen to one of many YouTube videos with this movement

(This is just one of those I like. Check out a couple to get a sense of the great variety of which conductors have interpreted this)

Mozart spent many many years dancing the minuet as was the popular dance back then.

First check out the simple form of this piece. The whole first page (37) is repeated. Then page 38 and 39 are repeated – page 39 being the same as 37. This creates an AABA form. On page 40 the Trio starts and this page is repeated and follows page 41. So here we have a new AABA form – which eventually is CCDC. The last page contains a ‘Menuetto da capo which means start all over and end right before the Trio. So once again AABA.

The overall structure is then (AABA) (CCDC) (AABA) = ABA

Each A is identical as well as each B, C and D. That makes the study of the orchestration fairly forward.


Remember when we talked about A, B and C orchestras? Mozart has added 2 trumpets and timpani to his C orchestra. The missing high woodwinds needed for his A orchestra contributes to giving room to the brass to cut through at forte.

If we look at the first page of the Menuetto we clearly see it is divided in 2. First 4 bars are forte bars and the last 4 are piano. Look at how effectively they are orchestrated.

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One Response to Mozart: Symphony 35–3. Menuetto pt.1

  1. thomasbryla says:

    When I say that Mozart shifts the weight and actually get a lighter orchestration in bar 3, he gets a fuller harmony to balance it.

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