This blog is dedicated to provide orchestrational analysis of public domain scores in newly engraved PDF editions suitable for screens.

The scores will be laid out in chronological order so as to study the history of orchestration also.

All scores are engraved with modern notation so as not to confuse anyone. I encourage you to get your hands on any kind of score you can to understand the history of notation also, but my scores are done with the modern standard.

I have chosen not to cut away empty staves, so the orchestration can be clearly visible. The PDF format allows us to have a very thick book on little to no space with no trees being cut.

I encourage you to look at all kinds of scores and maybe several editions of the same score. I’ve just found that some editions contain many errors – both in layout and notation! Plus I hope that these editions can make you study scores more conveniently.

Have a look at my SoundCloud page where I also include scores of my music @ my soundcloud page

Of other people to follow, I would highly recommend Thomas Goss, that you can find @ OrchestrationOnline and facebook

Hope to hear from your orchestral endeavours!

Thomas Bryla



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